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Quad Training

Agri Train NI Quad Training Courses

Did you know that since 1st August 2023 new regulations require you to complete certified training to use a quad on your farm business?Our course complies with the ongoing Health and Safety inspections.

We run a 1 day course for experienced operators and can run longer courses depending on your requirements

Course Information

  • Course Duration: 
    - One Day

  • Recognised by: 
    - The HSE/HSA/HSENI. Every employer has the responsibility to ensure that all persons who use or supervise those using work equipment have received adequate training for purposes of health and safety.

  • Introduction: 
    - Learners can master the basics of Sit-Astride ATV riding with our intensive course

  • Course Overview: 
    -Sit-Astride All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), also known as quad bikes and all terrain cycles, are incredibly versatile machines. Their flexibility means they can work with a range of attachments, including trailers, sprayers and spreaders. That makes them popular across many agricultural, forestry and leisure industry businesses. But that popularity comes with the potential for danger. Without proper training, serious accidents can – and do – occur. Our course is aimed at learners with little experience of ATV riding.

Download LANTRA's Accredited Training Profile Here: 

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