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Pesticide Training

Enrolling in an accredited safety training course, such as those offered by Agri Train NI, to learn the proper techniques for storing, handling and using pesticides is of paramount importance for individuals in the agricultural sector.

Pesticide training is crucial for farms across the UK and Ireland to ensure the safety of farmers, consumers, and the environment. Proper training equips farmers with the knowledge and skills to handle pesticides responsibly, minimising the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. This training helps in complying with regulatory standards, preventing contamination of soil and water, and protecting biodiversity. Moreover, it promotes the safe and efficient use of pesticides, reducing the likelihood of crop damage and ensuring the production of healthy, marketable produce.


By prioritising our LANTRA accredited pesticide training, farms can enhance their sustainability, protect public health, and contribute to the overall well-being of rural communities. At Agri Train NI, we are committed to providing accredited safety training tailored to the specific needs of agricultural professionals, fostering a safer and more sustainable farming industry in Northern Ireland and beyond.

Course Information


Earn a nationally-recognised qualification to use pesticides safely.

Course Overview:

Since 2015, anyone buying a pesticide authorised for professional use must obey a key legal requirement.


The law demands that the pesticide will be used either by the holder of a relevant certificate, or by a person working under the direct supervision of someone who holds one. That's where our qualification comes in.


It's been developed in direct response to that legal requirement for pesticide use. You'll earn a recognised qualification that reflects the national standards for the type of role you perform

Download LANTRA's Accredited Training Profiles Here: 

Using Pesticides Safely

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