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Telehandler Training

Did you know that since 1st August 2023 new regulations require you to complete certified training to use a Telehandler on your farm business?  Our course complies with the ongoing Health and Safety inspections.

We run a 1 day course for experienced operators and can run longer courses depending on your requirements.’

Agri Train NI - Northern Ireland Telehandler Training

Course Information

  • Course Duration: 
    - One - Two Days

  • Regular Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance:

    - Daily checklist
    - Daily maintenance
    - Vehicle condition
    - Hydraulic condition

  • Introduction of the Telehandler:
    Identification of Controls
    Identification of Parts
    Identification of Instruments

  • Driver Responsibility:
    - Personal Safety Parking of the telehandler
    - Overloading

  • Load Stability and Centre’s of Gravity:
    - Load Centre’s
    - Fulcrum and Counterbalance
    - Causes of Instability

  • Load Handling:
    - Stacking
    - Weight assessment
    - Security of loads

Download LANTRA's Accredited Training Profile Here: 

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